Cipzer Karela Juice


Other benefits of Cipzer Karela Juice:

  1. get rid of obesity
  2. relief from hemorrhoids
  3. beneficial in diarrhea
  4. Also beneficial in skin diseases
  5. aids in appetite
  6. nectar for stone patients
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Cipzer Karela Juice is beneficial for diabetic patients. Diabetic patients should consume Karela Juice on an empty stomach daily. Karela Juice is considered good for the liver, it cleans the liver. Phosphorus is found in sufficient quantity in it. The complaint of chronic phlegm formation goes away with daily intake. It is also very beneficial in the treatment of cough. Karela Juice is beneficial for reducing obesity. The bitters and alkaloids present in Karela Juice act as blood purifiers. Karela Juice is also very beneficial in liver-related diseases. In case of ascites or liver enlargement, mixing two spoons of Karela Juice in half a cup of water and drinking it three to four times a day is beneficial.

Consumption method- It can be used according to the advice of the doctor or Hakeem.

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Cipzer Karela Juice