Cipzer Stone Breaker Syrup


Benefits of Cipzer Stone Breaker Syrup:

Main benefit-

  • It eliminates kidney stones.

Other Benefits

  1. It is for treating edema.
  2. It removes urine acidification.
  3. It supports kidney and bladder health.
  4. It promotes relief of kidneys, ureters, and bladder.
  5. It combats discomfort.
  6. it maintains proper balance.
  7. It is a completely natural product that uses all-natural ingredients.
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It is mainly used for the treatment of kidney stones. Cipzer Stone Breaker Syrup detoxifies and rejuvenates the body and keeps it healthy. It protects the overall health of the kidneys and urinary tract and provides relief from discomfort caused by kidney/gallbladder stones. It also relieves irritation in the urinary tract and discomfort caused by abdominal gas. Stone Breaker Syrup regulates urine flow and is known to be highly effective in dissolving stones and passing them along with urine. It helps in treating associated ailments including fever, epigastric pain, dark urine, nausea, vomiting, and clay-colored stools. It contains natural ingredients. It is safe and harmless in every way.

How to use:

Take 5 ml twice a day after breakfast and dinner. We strongly recommend you talk to your physician about the usage of the product.

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Cipzer Stone Breaker Syrup