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Cipzer Virya Vita Powder


Benefits of Cipzer Virya Vita Powder

  1. Beneficial in boosting reproductive fluid count naturally
  2. Helpful in conceiving infertile women
  3. Boosts vigor and vitality
  4. Improves men’s overall performance in bed
  5. 100% Ayurvedic product
  6. Zero side effects
  7. Certified by GMP & other major health institutions
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Cipzer Virya Vita powder needs to be taken to get masculine strength. Virya Vita Powder medicine contains a potent blend of herbs, roots, and minerals, which work together to help you have more satisfying feelings every time. this powder helps to make manhood life better. It helps in relieving stress and also removes many other problems. In addition, it also has some ingredients that improve flexibility, increase blood flow and keep you fresh throughout the day which is very important for your life.

How to use: 2-3 gm powder (with milk) daily.

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