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Herbal Moisturizing Lotion


A rich, luxurious moisturizing body lotion incredibly softens your skin while hydrating .Lightweight texture absorbs quickly Creates an aura of femininity and sensuality. Experiences the aroma lotion with sparkling radiance Leaves skin perfectly smooth & conditioned Deep condition your skin with the Hashmi Herbal waterproof Moisturizing Lotion which absorbs easily into the skin making it healthy and supple. Enriched with natural Extract of Aloe-Vera, Vitis vinifera, Vitamin E and pure essential oil of wheat germ oil It leaves the skin plumped, hydrated and radiant throughout the day. Hashmi herbal Moisturizing Lotion is absorbs easily into the skin. Makes skin look ell-nourished and healthy and Blends easily without leaving any residue.A natural nourishing lotion for hand & body With a lightweight, non-oily texture that softens quickly into skin Contains organic honey & olive oil that carry moisture. Blended with natural essential oils with the purpose to deliver delicate refreshing aroma Skin appear suppler and more bendable & comfortable

Herbal Neem & Tulsi Face Wash


A liquid soap to normalize sebaceous glands Designed for acne vulgaris, inconsistent skin, irregular skin tone, susceptible and oily skin. Formulated with antibacterial & keratolytic soap Lessens inflammation & eliminates acne blemishes Infused with a physiological pH featuring an equivalent-to-skin acidity level Decreases pore size, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and balances skin make known clearer and brighter skin in a healthy look.A soap-free, paraben-free face wash Features a creamy gel texture that creates a rich foam upon get in touch with with water. Helps smoothly and completely remove dirt & oil without stripping skin. Formulated with Azadirachta indica & Ocimum sanctum Extract to soothe delicate skin Blended with plant-based Glycerin to seal in moisture. Leaves skin refreshed & revitalized Ideal for normal to oily skin.Hashmi face wash Neem & Tulsi is an all in one product that helps rejuvenate your skin and makes you feel fresh with a beautiful glowing skin.

Herbal Rose Skin Toner


Instantly delivers hydrating and toning mists of pure and active rosewater Moisturizes skin for a plump & toned complexion .Present corresponding, cooling and gentle mordant assets. Natural aroma enhances mood and soothes skin Alcohol free, Perfect for all types of skin. Formulated with rose water and antioxidant malachite Purifies and protects skin from external aggressors Keeps moisture to skin for optimal balance Alcohol-free and gently tightens pores Preps skin to absorb most of skin care to follow Suitable for all skin types .A natural refreshing facial toner Contains Rose petal extract to control moisture balance in skin Blended with mildly astringent organic wild rose leaf extract to clarify skin Loaded with lemon juice, high in vitamin C and gently severe to refine pores, Scented with a fresh fragrance of natural essential oils that revive your senses. Leaves skin smooth, purified & invigorated. The skin toner is rich in anti-septic and healing powers.


Herbal Saffron Fairness Cream


Hashmi Herbal fine Saffron fairness cream is a daily whitening cream. The superior formula reduces the effect of melanin thus, giving you a healthy white skin tone. It moisturizes and nourishes your skin from deep within. The specialized Hashmi Healthy White Complex boosts the whitening process. Features – Infused with SPF 20, Hashmi Herbal fine Saffron fairness cream offers great protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. It polishes the outer layer of the skin by boosting the cell renewal process. This herbal cream combines various ancient secret herbs and remedies used by our ancestors to gain a healthy skin quality. It fights the growing level of melanin underneath the surface of your skin. Its naturally-derived products help restore the youthfulness of your skin, the very youthful look that was lost in due course of time. Its powerful nourishment fights dark circles, gets rid of inflammation and wrinkles. Oil clog the pore on the exterior of your skin, and it is a difficulty faced specially by people with an oily skin type.


Herbal Sandalwood Protection Day Cream


A wealthy, all natural hydrating day cream for dried up skin With a lightweight quality that dissolves quickly into skin Contains organic Sandalwood oil, rich in essential fatty acids & antioxidants Helps maintain vitality & flexibility of skin while combating the first signs of aging Blended with peach kernel oil to consolidate & support skin is natural barrier against moisture loss Delicately scented with fresh organic roses to enliven your senses Unveils a suppler, sleeker, brighter, healthier & younger looking complexion.

Herbal Skin Tightening Kit


Hashmi over the period of time has been able to prove its stake and worth in the market for skin care products. At luster each of the products is tried tested and then deliver. We use the utmost feasible quality of material to Suit all types of skin and which has a lavishing effect to prove. It helps Moisturize Dull & Drier skin. Helps brighten facial complexion. The Beauty of Santalum album is that it has many useful effects on human skin Turmeric also possesses great advantages. It treats skin pigmentation and stretch marks. Also, it has Anti-septic properties Helps in getting rid off dullness, stimulates epidermal renewal and rejuvenates stressed skin to reveal a new radiance Easy to use and carry. Firming , hydrating & nourishing this pack is a vital weekly pamper, particularly for grown-up skin. Extremely attractive & Reusable packing. Totally Harmless & Effective from the very first use.

Herbal Strawberry Face Wash


Enriched with the goodness of Strawberry extract, Jojoba oil & Rose water extract, this specialized Facial Wash deep cleanses your skin and removes lifeless skin cell. Enrich with alpha hydroxy acid and multivitamins, it reduces skin ageing, wrinkled and blemishes. Perfumed with the fragrance of strawberries. Fresh Strawberries Cleanse Skin & help in curing acne and pimples. Filled with Antioxidants, which battle the damaging effects of the sun & environment. Glycerin has Humectants properties, attracting moisture to our skin making it softer & smoother; Strawberries are super fruits that not only contain Vitamin B and C, but also gently exfoliate and nurture your skin, building your pores lesser and your face appear brighter. This antioxidant rich fruit also lightens any pigmentation problems and leaves your skin smooth and youthful. The sensory stimulating Fruit Blast Strawberry Face wash is enriched with juicy strawberry extracts that deep clean every pore of your skin. Its gentle beads scrub away impurity. Send-off your skin revitalized, soft and graceful.


Herbal Tomato Face Wash


Hashmi Herbal Tomato Face Wash is a energizing cleanser that leaves skin feeling glowing and fresh. Salicylic Acid helps overcome fresh blemishes, acne and itchiness from forming, whilst Tomatoes assist to clear pores, and manage oil production in skin. Not only will you have vigor to your step after using this cleanser, but most importantly you'll have glowing, blemish-free looking skin. 95% Natural Petroleum, SLS, & Paraben Free and Cruelty-free .An effective all-in-one cleanser to remove makeup from face & eyes formulate with natural tomato ingredient containing pre- and probiotic.Helps shield skin & preserve a fresh complexion blend with tomato lycopene, vitamins and mineral salts that tone & nourish skin Infused with a exclusive powdered tomato fragrance, Leaves skin bright and youthful looking.


Herbal Tomato Facial Kit


This kit with the goodness of Pomegranate along with Alpha Hydroxy Acids, skin nutrients and Vitamin. Regular use prevents skin Damage, skin tolerance and appearance of wrinkles. Rose and Honey Cleansing cream: combination of rose & honey to provide nourishment & glow to delicately cleanse out the dirt from the skin. Massage Cream into skin in upward & outward movements then removes it with damp cotton. Strawberry & Apple Scrub blend of strawberry & apple makes skin, extremely intensive moisturizing scrub which gently exfoliates the black heads. The Tomato Anti Ageing Skin Care Facial Kit diminishes the signs of ageing and produces a younger look skin. Infused with active constituents, the useful Kit reconstructs and repairs the dead cell membranes. The helpful ingredients make the wrinkles fade away and eventually provide you with a crumple free skin. The useful Anti Ageing Skin Care Facial Kit also moisturizes the skin surface and firms your skin completely and also helps to stimulate the production of collagen, diminish and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles from your face and also erases the fine lines of ageing and tightens your skin thus preventing it from sagging.

Herbal Vitamin-e Face Massage Cream


This effective multi-action cream gives cellular protection & Hydration. Unusual constitutes like Pistachio and Nutmeg give a youthful bloom and radiant skin. Hashmi's Wheat Germ with Vitamin E Face Massage Cream (For Normal to Dry skin).It contains precious herbs along with vitamin E that restores a smooth radiance & collagen softness to the skin. An exceptionally efficient massage cream which helps in cell renewal process and improves skin's firmness, leaving skin radiant & luminous. Active Ingredients of Hashmi Face Massage Cream, Wheat Germ Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, Bees Wax. It is a luxurious blend of the known benefits of natural pomegranate seed oil and tomato which has strong antioxidant properties & firming effects, makes your skin silky & smooth. Massage cream gives penetration and Firming Face with Tomato & Pomegranate. It is formulated to whiten facial complexion eliminates wrinkles, & retards aging. It contains ingredients like collagen that keeps, moisture which recover wrinkles cause by dry and sun-burned.

Neem & Long Pepper Anti Acne Pimple Cream


Hashmi Herbal Spot Correcting Anti- Acne and Pimple Cream is apt for oily skin. A natural blend of ayurvedic ingredients such as Neem, long pepper which combine to fight acne and make your skin clear. The Neem plant oil present in it has anti-bacterial properties which form a barrier and protects your skin from pollutants. This anti-acne and pimple cream reduces redness around the pimples and tightens your pores thus making your skin fit and healthy. This Acne-correcting cream nourishes your skin and erases blemishes effectively. This Qaranfal and pepper Cream reduces inflammations and soothes the skin leaving it refreshed.


Tea Tree & Clove Anti Acne Face Pack


Hashmi Herbal Anti-Acne Facial Treatment Mask is an effective pack formulated to counteract spots and pimples. It is a exceptional pack that remove dead skin cells, stimulate flow and normalize susceptible skin .Its antiseptic action heals and binds the skin. With so much contamination everywhere, it turn out to be very difficult to guard your skin and keep it acne-free. Hashmi Herbal introduces this ‘Anti Acne Pack’, which is the perfect solution for pimples and dull skin. This Pack will help you guard and keep your skin clean and clear. Its special formulation helps remove dead skin cells & stimulates production of fresh cells. The pack maintains the skin infection free.

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