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Pureit Ultima RO + UV 10 L RO + UV Water Purifier (Black)


  • Neon Flash Belt
  • TDS Modulator
  • Electrical Water Purifier
  • Digital Advance Alert System
  • RO Protection Lock
  • Purity Indicator
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Convenience Features

Other Convenience Features

Purification Capacity: Germ Kill Kit-1 has been Designed to Give 4000 L of Purified Water Depending on the Input Water Pressure, TDS and Water Temperature, Purification Capacity (CSF Germ Kill Kit): Germ Kill Kit-2 has been Designed to Give 8000 L of Purified Water, Actual Life of the Filters will Depend on the Input Water Pressure, TDS and Water Temperature, Germ Kill Performance Standard: Meets Stringent International Criteria for Microbiologically Safe Drinking Water, Removes 1 Crore Virus (Removes 1 Crore Virus in 1 L of Water)

Alarms Guided Alert System, Digital Advance Alert System



Pre Sediment Filter, Pre RO Carbon Filter, Post Carbon Sediment Filter, UV Reactor and Post RO Carbon Filter

Indicators Purity Indicator
Membrane Type Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Thin Film Composite Spiral Wound
Other Body Features Material of Construction: Food Safe, Non-toxic, Engineering Grade Plastics, Digital Advance Alert System (2 Concentric Circles on the Digital Display Panels Show the Ongoing Consumption of the Germkill Kit and Alerts 15 Days Before the End-of-life of the Kit)



Installation Required Water Purifier

Capacity Total Capacity 10 L
Water Flow Rate 0.2 L/min
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Levels 2000 ppm
Purification Method 6 Purification Stages with RO + UV


Power Consumption

60 W

Power Requirement 150 – 300 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz
Operating Voltage 24 V


Domestic Term

1 Year


Net Weight

9.5 kg

W x H x D 360 x 486

Additional Features

Pump Type: Diaphragm Pump, Purified Water Flow Rate: 9 – 12 L/hr, Typically 25 % Recovery, TDS Reduction upto 90 %, Pressure Rating: 5 – 30 PSI, Length of Power Adapter: 1.6 m, Total Hardness: 500 mg/L (Maximum), Iron: 0.3 mg/L (Max), Turbidity: 1 NTU, 100 % RO and UV

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