Cipzer Habbe Jawahar


Benefits of Habbe Jawahar

  1. Helpful in regaining vitality
  2. Beneficial for the heart and the brain
  3. Improves weaker physical condition
  4. Allows bringing back good health
  5. Beneficial for heart and brain disease
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Cipzer Habb-E-Jawahar strengthens the heart, brain, and liver, & maintains body vigor. It improves appetite. It removes general debility. It acts as an effective tonic in regaining vitality during convalescence and is useful in palpitation. It regains vitality, brings back good health, and is a GMP-certified product.

Dosage: One pill. To be taken on an empty stomach after mixing with 5 gm of Dawaulmisk Motadil.

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Cipzer Habbe Jawahar