Cipzer Jointo King Oil


Benefits of Cipzer Jointo King Oil:

  1. Muscle and joint pain relief
  2. Body massage
  3. 100% Ayurvedic product
  4. Zero Side Effects
  5. Certified by GMP and Other major Institutions
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This is very effective oil. Massage with this oil at least twice a day, you will get relief from joint pain. This oil will improve the movement of your bones and muscles. Jointo King Oil is a Unani oil and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Massaging with this oil will give you relief from muscle and joint pain. You can massage your back, knees, and feet with Jointo King Oil. There are precious herbs in this oil. It is especially beneficial for the elderly. If your body aches or you feel tired after a workout, then this oil is best for you. You can massage your feet, shoulders, and knees with Jointo King Oil. You can use this oil for body massage.


Apply on your joints and massage it for 2 minutes softly until it gets dried. We strongly recommend you talk to your physician about the usage of the product.

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Cipzer Jointo King Oil