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Cipzer Majoon-e-hajr-ul-yahood


Benefits of Cipzer Majoon-E-Hajr-UI-Yahood:

  1. It provides great relief to kidney pain.
  2. It cures urinary tract disorders.
  3. It relieves difficulty found in urination.
  4. It reduces renal colic.
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Cipzer Majoon-E-Hajr-UI-Yahood is a Unani medicine, which is mainly used for the treatment of kidney stones, bladder stones, and gallstones. Kidney stones are a painful problem. If detected in time, stones usually do not cause any permanent damage. It is an excellent product for urinary disorders. Majoon-E-Hajr-UI-Yahood naturally helps in breaking the kidney stones into smaller fragments which are easily removed from the urinary tract with the passage of urine.

Dosage:  250 mg – 500 mg twice a day. We strongly recommend you talk to your physician about the usage of the product.

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