Cipzer Respicure Syrup


Benefits of Cipzer Respicure Syrup:

  1. It reduces the frequency of coughing and makes you feel better.
  2. It also soothes your throat and gives relief from irritation.
  3. It gives relief from cough by loosening thick mucus and making it easier to cough it out.
  4. It also makes it easier for air to move in and out of your airways.
  5. It boosts the immunity system.
  6. It helps our body to fight bacteria, viruses, and fungus.
  7. It is certified by GMP and other major health institutions.
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Cipzer Respicure Syrup is one of the best herbal medicines for a lung infection. It is a combination medicine used to treat cough. It clears irritants, allergens, mucus, or smoke from dry or wet airways and prevents infection. Respicure Syrup does not allow mucus to form and clears the airways. It thins the accumulated mucus in the nose and windpipe and removes it. Due to this, the phlegm comes out easily. This medicine gives relief from throat irritation and cools the throat. Respicure syrup is primarily used to treat different types of allergy symptoms like bronchitis, asthma, chest congestion due to respiratory tract infection, common cold, sore throat, and nasal congestion. Seasonal or perennial allergic rhinitis is caused by airborne pollen grains, dust mites, animal fur, and fungal spores. Respicure syrup is used to relieve allergy symptoms. Respicure Syrup is used to relieve cases of the common cold and stuffy nose. It helps in relaxing the muscles of the airways and facilitates breathing.


Take one full spoon in the morning after breakfast and a second after dinner. We strongly recommend you talk to your physician about the usage of the product.

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Cipzer Respicure Syrup