Cipzer Triphala Juice


Key Benefits of Cipzer Triphala juice:

  1. It cures acidity.
  2. It treats acid reflux.
  3. It removes constipation.
  4. It is good for digestion.
  5. It helps in treating liver disorders.
  6. Zero side effects
  7. Certified By GMP and other major health institutions
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Cipzer Triphala Juice is mainly used for the treatment of acidity, acid reflux, and constipation. By drinking Triphala juice, the metabolism of the body remains good, due to which weight can be easily done. Triphala juice also helps in boosting immunity as it has immunity-boosting properties. It provides relief even if there is a bacterial infection. Drinking Triphala juice benefits many parts of the body, but the eyes get the most benefit. It can also be called eye tonic. Drinking Triphala juice on an empty stomach in the morning keeps the digestive system strong. It does not cause constipation problems. The best advantage of drinking Triphala juice is that it flushes out the toxins accumulated in the body.

Dosage method: Take 5ml twice a day, with lukewarm water as directed by the physician.

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Cipzer Triphala Juice