Voulez-Vous… Stimulating Gel Champagne Flavoured 30ml


Take lovemaking to a whole new high. Get fired up and push the boundaries of pleasure with this stimulating gel.

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Enhance your pleasure and take yourself to a new height of pleasure. Application of a small quantity of Voulez Vous’ Fired up gel will increase the sensitivity and pleasure of all your erogenous areas, that will heighten the pleasure of every touch and caress.

Available in four exotic variants: Red Fruits, Vanilla, Champagne, Mojito and Pina Colada to turbo-charge your lovemaking.

NOTE : We recommend you not to taste this product because as its name indicates it is just a stimulating gel & there will be no taste of the whole but you can enjoy the pleasant aroma. The product gives a heat effect. Men can use it.


  • Squeeze a little Voulez-Vous… Stimulating Gel onto the palms of your hands
  • Apply gently on your or your partner’s erogenous zone
  • Wait for a short time
  • Enjoy the heightened sensitivity
  • Recommended that you caress your partner after application, they will enjoy the heightened sensation of your every touch
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Voulez-Vous… Stimulating Gel Champagne Flavoured 30ml