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Cipzer Arq Dasharam


Benefits of Cipzer Arq Dasharam

  1. It increases immunity
  2. It purifies the blood
  3. It Increases energy
  4. It helps in weight loss.

Cipzer Arq e khas


Benefits of Cipzer Arq-e-Khas

  1. It strengthens the heart, brain, and nerves.
  2. It improves liver function.
  3. It cures digestive disorders.
  4. It enhances blood circulation.

Cipzer Arq e shahtara


Benefits of Cipzer Arq Shahtara:

  1. Arq Shahtara is rich in antibacterial and anti-viral properties.
  2. Arq Shahtara is quite capable of cleaning the dirt or toxins of your blood.
  3. Arq Shahtara cures hypothermia.
  4. Arq Shahtara benefits the whole digestive system.

Cipzer Arq Elaichi


Benefits of Cipzer Arq Elaichi

  1. It cures digestive ailments such as nausea, vomiting, gas, low appetite, and indigestion.
  2. It is Stomachic and promotes appetite.
  3. It prevents cavities.
  4. It gives relief from the infection.
  5. It lowers blood sugar levels.
  6. It relieves vomiting and restlessness.
  7. Using Arq Elaichi is beneficial in fungal infections, and food poisoning.

Cipzer Arq Ushba


Benefits of Cipzer Arq Ushba

  1. It is used to purify the body.
  2. It is very beneficial in skin diseases.
  3. It also proves beneficial in joint pain.
  4. It eliminates intestinal parasites.
  5. It is a herbal remedy.

Cipzer Ashwagandha Capsule


Benefits of Ashwagandha Capsule

  1. Boosts wellness and stamina
  2. Reduces cortisol level
  3. Rectifies hormonal balance
  4. Gives strength to the immune system
  5. Treats viral infection, cough and cold symptoms, fever, and chronic pain
  6. Treats conditions like ED and PE
  7. Prevents hair fall and breakage due to stress and anxiety

Cipzer Baby Capsule


Other Benefits of Cipzer Baby Capsule

  1. Its natural nutrients are highly valuable to support your baby’s health.
  2. It helps them grow their mind and body without any barriers.
  3. It is rich in vitamins and nutrients to achieve the best health.
  4. It is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that your kid needs for the best growth.
  5. It is tasty to drink
  6. It improves the baby’s overall health
  7. It is a 100% Natural product
  8. It has zero side effects

Cipzer Baby Capsule B1 Capsule 60 – Pack Of 1



Cipzer Baby Capsule is a natural baby immune booster for your kids. Keeping babies from cold, flu and other viral infections is not an easy task and we know how important your kids’ health for you.

Cipzer Baby Cura Syrup


Other benefits of Cipzer Baby Cura Syrup

  1. It kills worms in the stomach and relieves pain in the stomach.
  2. It corrects frequent hunger and helps to make health.
  3. It clears white tongue and bad breath in children.
  4. It is a baby immunity booster.
  5. It is healthy child syrup.
  6. It is an Ayurvedic immunity booster for newborns.
  7. It is a 100% Ayurvedic product.
  8. It has zero side effects.
  9. It is certified by GMP & other major health institutions

Cipzer Best Brain Capsule


Other benefits of Cipzer Best Brain Capsule

  1. It enhances the ability to remember and learn.
  2. It sharpens the mind.
  3. It increases mental efficiency.

Cipzer Blood Purifier Capsule



  • Beneficial in blood purification
  • Natural immune booster
  • Treat skin diseases
  • 100% Ayurvedic product
  • Zero Side Effects
  • Certified by GMP and Other major Institutions

Cipzer Boost Sperm 60 Capsule – Increase Sperm Count CBSP Capsule 60


Increase sperm motility

  • Help to Makes sperm healthy and stronger
  • Balances male hormones
  • Enhances semen volume and sperm count
  • Helps To Protect Sperm From DNA Damage
  • Improve Male Reproductive Health
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