Araq e Gaozaban


Benefits of Cipzer Araq e Gaozaban

  1. It strengthens the brain, as well as enhances memory, and removes mental stress.
  2. Depression is removed by its use and gives peace of mind.
  3. Its use helps in getting good sleep.
  4. It eliminates BP problems.
  5. It gives long-term relief from stomach infections.
  6. It relieves excessive palpitations.
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If we talk about the benefits of Araq-E-Gaozaban, it gives strength to the heart and mind, enhances eyesight, sharpens memory, removes heart palpitations, and strengthens the liver. It is also useful in diseases of the brain. It reduces fever and quenches thirst. It is a great tonic for the heart and mind. Due to the disease of forgetfulness, we have to suffer loss in many places. In such a situation, you must strengthen your memory. For this, you should take Araq-E-Gaozaban, which will help to a great extent in removing your brain-related problems.

Dosage: 10 ml in a teacup before breakfast. A physician’s consultation is strongly recommended.

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Araq e Gaozaban