Cipzer Hazma Chatpat Tablets


Other benefits of the Cipzer Hazma Chatpat Tablet:

  1. It strengthens the stomach from the root.
  2. It is enriched with Unani ingredients.
  3. It affects the digestive center.
  4. It cleans the digestive system.
  5. It increases digestion power and appetite.
  6. It reduces digestive problems and provides permanent relief from acidity, gas, indigestion, etc.
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Cipzer Hazma Chatpat Tablet is a Unani formula that strengthens the digestive power and thereby provides great relief from frequent acidity, gas, and other stomach problems. Digestive problems are the most commonly found health problems in all age groups. Hazma Chatpat Tablet helps people who face stomach-related issues like gas, acidity, constipation, liver problems, abdominal pain, or heartburn. Due to irregular lifestyle and increasing age, the digestive power weakens, and its balance starts to deteriorate, due to which the stomach becomes weak. These pills strengthen the digestive system, thus, solving all the issues related to life, stomach, and digestion. It does not have any side effects or harm to the body.

Consumption method: 1-2 Tablets twice a day after breakfast and dinner with water/milk or as directed by the physician.

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Cipzer Hazma Chatpat Tablets