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Cipzer Itrifal Muqil


Advantages of Cipzer Itrifal Muqil:

  1. It helps maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract.
  2. It cures constipation.
  3. It treats bleeding piles.
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Cipzer Itrifal Muqil is a unique Unani medicine, which is mainly used for the treatment of piles. It eliminates constipation, heals the stomach, and improves digestion. Itrifal Muqil is very effective for both bloody and flatulent piles. Itrifal stops bleeding and dries up piles. It enhances the formation of healthy and pure blood. It is beneficial in the weakening of the digestive system, liver damage, anemia, etc. It increases appetite. It strengthens the liver, stomach, and intestines and improves their function. It prevents dysentery, spitting up blood, vomiting (bloody vomit), bleeding gums, blood in urine, blood in stools, and bleeding in piles (bloody piles) diseases.

How to use: Take 5 grams of Itrifal Muqil with milk or water in the morning and evening, or use it with the advice of a doctor or Hakeem.

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