Cipzer Kushta-e-hajr-ul-yahood


Other benefits of Cipzer Kushta-E-Hajr-Ul-Yahood:

  1. Helps to eliminate kidney and bladder stones
  2. Strengthens urinary bladder
  3. Resolves renal problems
  4. Dissolves kidney stone
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Cipzer Kushta-E-Hajr-Ul-Yahood is a Unani medicine, which is mainly beneficial for kidney stones, bladder stones, and gall bladder stones. It is also beneficial in kidney pain, burning of urine, yellowing of urine, and urinary infection. Kidney stones are hard substances made up of minerals and salts. Poor diet, excess body weight, certain diseases, and supplements and medicines cause kidney stones. Urine becomes clear by taking Kushta-E-Hajr-Ul-Yahood; the stone dissolves and passes through the urine. The urine comes freely by taking this medicine and this medicine increases the amount of urine. It also removes kidney stones and removes other kidney diseases. By taking this medicine, the stone gets crushed and comes out from the urinary tract. Therefore, this medicine is taken as the main medicine for patients with stones.

Dosage: Take it twice daily in the morning and evening on an empty stomach with lukewarm water or raw lassi, or after consulting a physician.

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Cipzer Kushta-e-hajr-ul-yahood