Cipzer Majoon sang-e-sarmahi


Other benefits of Cipzer Majun Sang-E-Sarmahi

  1. Cures ailments associated with kidney stones
  2. Helps evacuate the renal and bladder calculi through urine by breaking into small particles
  3. Helps break the stones and passes them through the urinary tract
  4. Helps clear excretion of certain substances formed by metabolic disorders which facilitates kidney stone formation
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Cipzer Majun Sang-E-Sarmahi is a Unani medicine, mainly used for the treatment of kidney stones. A kidney is an important part of the body. Its job is to filter the blood. During blood filtration by the kidneys, sodium, calcium, and other minerals reach the bladder through the ureter in the form of fine particles, which are passed out of the body through urine. When the amount of these elements in the blood increases, they accumulate in the kidney and take the shape of stone pieces, due to which the path of urine reaching the bladder becomes obstructed and the problem of kidney stones arises. Majun Sang-E-Sarmahi especially breaks the kidney and urinary bladder stones and expels them. It cleans urine, breaks kidney and bladder stones into small particles, and removes them through urine. This is a unique medicine for stones.

Dosage: 5-10g to be taken in the morning. We strongly recommend you talk to your physician about the usage of the product.

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Cipzer Majoon sang-e-sarmahi