Cipzer Kushta-e-sadaf


Benefits of Cipzer Kushta-e-Sadaf

  1. Cures physical debilities
  2. Benefits of female diseases
  3. Treats systemic physical disorders
  4. Improves vitality, physical strength, and stamina in women
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Cipzer Kushta-e-Sadaf is a Unani herbal formulation. It is much beneficial in male debilities and female diseases. It is prepared from purified drugs of minerals, and metallic origin by the process of purification, cleansing, and detoxification. This is rich in calcium, iron, copper, etc., and cures several systemic disorders like cardiac problems, male debilitations as well as renal disorders.

How to use:

There is no information about the side effects of Cipzer Qurs Kushta-e-Sadaf in the medical literature. However, always consult your doctor before using Cipzer Qurs Kushta-e-Sadaf.

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Cipzer Kushta-e-sadaf