Cipzer Raughan-e-darchini


Benefits of Cipzer Raughan-e-Darchini

  1. It relieves the toothache
  2. It relieves the pain and irritation immediately if applied on the point of scorpion and homet bite.
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Cipzer Raughan-e-Darchini is a Unani medicine, which can mainly cure digestive system disorders, teeth, and headaches, toothache, skin diseases, diarrhea and menstrual problems. The use of herbal soap containing Raughan-e-Darchini is useful in cleansing the face as well as removing acne scars. Raughan-e-Darchini is useful in improving reproductive fluid quality as well as in patients suffering from a lack of reproductive fluid motility. Raughan-e-Darchini works to fight against ulcer-causing bacteria H. pylori. The Raughan-e-Darchini can eliminate the TB germ. Raughan-e-Darchini also helps in reducing fungal infections. Smelling the Raughan-e-Darchini helps in reducing frustration as well as improving the mood. Its use is also beneficial in deafness. For this, put 2 drops of Raughan-e-Darchini in the ear.

How to use: To be taken with the advice of a Hakeem.

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Cipzer Raughan-e-darchini