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Cipzer Shikanjabin Bazoori Motadil


Benefits of Cipzer Shikanjabin Bazoori Motadil:

  1. It Protects the liver from damage and corrects liver functions.
  2. It cleanses the urinary bladder, kidneys, and urinary tract through its detox action.
  3. It leaves soothing and cooling effects on the body
  4. It removes the heat from the body, so it reduces heartburn and burning sensation in the urine.
  5. It is highly beneficial in reducing fever because of its cooling effects.
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Cipzer Shikanjabin Bazoori Motadil is a Unani medicine used primarily to treat liver disease. Apart from this, Shikanjabin Bazoori Motadil is used to cure liver tonic, urinary diseases, restlessness, high blood pressure, kidney diseases, gall bladder, stomach diseases, and fever. It protects the liver from damage and encourages the liver to function properly. In the centuries-old Unani medicine, Shikanjabin Bazoori Motadil is used in the treatment of stomach-related problems. Its use cures urinary tract infections. It removes the inflammation of the liver, kidney, and bladder by inducing excessive urination. It cleans the kidneys and urinary tract. It serves to cool the body. It removes excess heat from the body and reduces the problem of burning in the urinary tract. Due to its cooling effect, it is highly beneficial in reducing fever. It works to remove problems related to the liver and kidney. It works to overcome problems like hepatitis ABC, liver cirrhosis, and fatty liver. Its use proves beneficial in the treatment of problems related to the kidney, including stones, not making urine, not removing urine, not filtering the kidney properly, and kidney failure. It can also be used as a sharbat in summers.

Mode of use: It should be used as per the doctor’s consultation.

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