Cipzer Safoof Namak Sulaimani


Main advantages of Cipzer Safoof Namak Sulaimani:

  1. It detoxes the body.
  2. It does not allow bones to weaken.
  3. It helps in keeping the body hydrated.
  4. It is used to relieve abdominal pain or cramps.
  5. It maintains the electrolyte balance.
  6. It normalizes blood pressure levels.
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Cipzer Safoof Namak Sulaimani is mainly used to treat diseases of the digestive system. Safoof Namak Sulaimani is very beneficial in killing the dangerous bacteria present in our body and burning the increased body fat. Safoof Namak Sulaimani helps in the digestion of food easily. This keeps the stomach healthy and also prevents the problem of constipation. After eating food, if you feel heaviness in the stomach, then mix it with hot water and sip it like tea, it will digest food easily. Safoof Namak Sulaimani is rich in many nutrients and minerals. Its regular consumption does not allow the bones to weaken. It is also important to mention that Safoof Namak Sulaimani has no side effects provided that the dosage limit is not exceeded.

Consumption method- 1-3 gms daily after meals with water or It should be consumed as per the instructions of the doctor.

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Cipzer Safoof Namak Sulaimani