Cipzer Wheat Grass Capsule


Main advantages of Cipzer Wheat grass capsule:

  • It eliminates nutritional deficiency.

Other benefits:

  1. It enhances immunity.
  2. It is a storehouse of vitamins.
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Cipzer Wheat grass capsule nourishes the body. It is rich in vitamins A, C, and E and minerals like potassium, and calcium. It fights cancer and reduces inflammation. It is beneficial in the treatment of blood and circulatory diseases, anemia, diabetes, cancer, skin diseases, obesity, and kidney and stomach-related diseases. Wheat grass capsule is also beneficial in the thyroid, heart disease, and blood pressure, as it controls cholesterol. The Wheat grass capsule accelerates the digestion process. It increases the immunity of the body, removes the contaminants from the body and makes the body strong, and provides instant strength. Wheat grass capsules are also considered very beneficial for digestion. Many types of enzymes are found in it in proper quantity, which helps in digesting food and using nutrients properly in the body.

Consumption Method: Consume as per requirement. Or take it after consulting a doctor.

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Cipzer Wheat Grass Capsule