Cipzer Araq-e-kasni


Benefits of Cipzer Araq-e-Kasni

  1. It is also used in upset stomach, gall bladder disease, and intestinal cramps.
  2. It also has properties to treat Crohn’s disease and a kidney disorder called IGA nephropathy.
  3. Araq-e-Kasni heals stomach ulcers.
  4. Araq-e-Kasni is very useful in getting relief from vomiting blood.
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Cipzer Araq-e-Kasni is a Unani medicine, which is mainly used in liver disease, urinary disease, and heart disease. Araq-e-Kasni is used to reduce respiratory problems, back pain, headache, spleen, and eye pain. Araq-e-Kasni helps remove urinary problems. Araq-e-Kasni plays an important role in eliminating stress and its side effects on our bodies. Araq-e-Kasni also helps us deal with sleeplessness, anxiety, or stress. It is very effective in obesity, piles, burning in urination, swelling and cracks in extremities, and intestinal ulcers besides liver diseases. It is also beneficial in hepatitis. Araq-e-Kasni is a great remedy for stomach-related problems. It is harmless in every way; it does not have any side effects.

Dosage: 75-100 ml to be given. We strongly recommend you talk to your physician about the usage of the product.

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Cipzer Araq-e-kasni