Cipzer Yashtimadhu Capsule


Main advantages of Cipzer Yashtimadhu Capsule:

  1. It is beneficial in GERD disease.
  2. It is given to cure diseases of the digestive system.

Other benefits of Cipzer Yashtimadhu Capsule:

  1. It eliminates indigestion.
  2. It eliminates inflammation in the stomach.
  3. It removes the burning sensation in the chest.
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Cipzer Yashtimadhu Capsule is primarily used for the treatment of GERD, and the disease of the digestive system. Yashtimadhu Capsule works by relieving bloating and balancing excessive gastric secretion. It is also used for problems related to stomach and digestion. That is, if you have gas or if the digestion is not right, then you can consume it. Yashtimadhu Capsule acts as a demulcent. It accelerates the healing process of gastric and stomach ulcers. Yashtimadhu Capsule can be used for problems related to the throat. Yashtimadhu capsule is also used to relieve cold, and cough. Yashtimadhu Capsule is completely Unani medicine, so it does not have any side effects.

Dosage method:

It is recommended to take 1-2 capsules twice a day. If you are already on any medicine, then you can use it with the advice of your doctor.

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Cipzer Yashtimadhu Capsule