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Cipzer Arq e shahtara


Benefits of Cipzer Arq Shahtara:

  1. Arq Shahtara is rich in antibacterial and anti-viral properties.
  2. Arq Shahtara is quite capable of cleaning the dirt or toxins of your blood.
  3. Arq Shahtara cures hypothermia.
  4. Arq Shahtara benefits the whole digestive system.
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Cipzer Arq Shahtara is a Unani medicine. It purifies the blood and reduces its heat. It is effective in skin diseases like itching, boils, eczema, and psoriasis. It is effective in the treatment of prolonged fever. Along with this, it also acts as a natural detox. Arq Shahtara is naturally rich in many medicinal properties. You will be surprised to know that your blood is purified by the consumption of Arq Shahtara and the toxins accumulated in the blood come out through urine. If you want to clean the dirt of your blood, then for this you drink Arq Shahtara daily. You will get the benefit. Arq Shahtara is harmless in every way. There is no side effect of this.

Dosage: 4 teaspoons for children (of up to 12 years of age), 40ml (1/4 tea cup) for adults (above 12 years of age). We strongly recommend you talk to your physician about the usage of the product.

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