Cipzer Kushta-e-Faulad


Benefits of Cipzer Kushta-E-Faulad

  1. Cures anemia
  2. Increases vigor and vitality in men
  3. Strengthens stomach
  4. Improves liver functioning
  5. It helps in increasing appetite and absorption of nutrients.
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Cipzer Kushta-e-Faulad is a Unani medicine, which is mainly used for the treatment of anemia. It increases blood flow, due to which weakness can be overcome. Overall health can be improved with this medicine. It helps improve the testosterone hormone and increase the production of male fluid. It works to remove impurities from the blood and improves the level of RBC. If you have problems related to mucus-like cold, cough, headache, etc, then this medicine is effective for these symptoms. In women, this medicine helps stop the white water coming out in leucorrhoea. This medicine also acts as a liver tonic.

Mode of Use: The usual dosage of Kushta-e-Faulad can be two tablets twice a day for an adult. With this, consuming 250 ml of milk gives very good benefits.

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Cipzer Kushta-e-Faulad