Cipzer Roghan Beer Bahooti


Benefits of Cipzer Roghan Beer Bahooti

  1. Enhances poor health
  2. Restores energy
  3. Improves vitality, stamina, and physical strength in men
  4. Enables to perform with vim and vigor
  5. Provides proper natural vitality
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Cipzer Roghan Beer Bahooti is a very popular Unani medicine. If you have wasted your youth by masturbating, then try Roghan Beer Bahooti once, it brings complete tension to the penis and creates a new vigor. It also removes the dryness and curvature of the penis. It is the best medicine for all the defects of the penis like small penis, thinness, curvature, bloated veins, weakness, and all these diseases. Roghan Beer Bahooti gives strength to the penis and makes it tough and somehow longer and thicker. Massaging with Roghan Beer Bahooti creates strength in the organ of men. And it increases passion and increases desire. Its massage creates suppleness inside the male organ and removes the curvature of the organs. It is used to treat impotence. Roghan Beer Bahooti gives strength to the muscles of the male organ. It removes the weakness of nerves. It enhances proper blood circulation in the penis. It makes the male organ longer, thicker, and tighter. It is also useful in producing erection and removing PE.

How to use: Massage the male organ daily in the morning and evening or use it with the advice of a doctor and Hakeem.

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Cipzer Roghan Beer Bahooti