Cipzer Sharbat Sandal


Benefits of Cipzer Sharbat-e-Sandal

  1. It cures fever, heartburn, vomiting, and phlegm.
  2. It relieves the feelings of uneasiness.
  3. It cures burning sensations of the liver and stomach
  4. It prevents from sunstrokes.
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Sandal or sandalwood is an aromatic natural wood that has been used for centuries in Ayurveda treatment. Consumption of Cipzer Sharbat-e-Sandal is beneficial in the summer season. Sharbat-e-Sandal keeps the body cool and protects it from heatstroke. This syrup also cures stomach problems caused due to heat. Sharbat-e-Sandal is very beneficial for your body in the summer season. Sharbat-e-Sandal is also beneficial in stomach upset caused by pitta. You can also use Sharbat-e-Sandal to cure fever. Burning, fever, vomiting, phlegm, etc. diseases are cured by using this. Many people complain of a foul smell from their sweat. The benefit of Sharbat-e-Sandal is also available in this. This syrup protects you from heat stroke and dehydration. Apart from this, this syrup will also keep you away from stomach diseases in summer. Medicinal Sharbat-e-Sandal has a natural fragrance. It increases the production of serotonin hormone in our body, which gives us relief in relieving stress. Serotonin hormone helps in relieving people suffering from severe anxiety, stress, and depression, thus s Sharbat-e-Sandal is also used to relieve stress.

How to use: 25 to 50 ml sharbat can be used in the morning and evening with fresh water.

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Cipzer Sharbat Sandal