Cipzer Safoof Aslussoos


Benefits of Cipzer Safoof Aslussoos:

  1. It is effective in spermatorrhoea.
  2. It reduces the excretion in the form of drops before and after passing urine.
  3. It relieves PE.
  4. It increases reproductive fluid.
  5. It also increases the viscosity of reproductive fluid..
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Cipzer Safoof Aslussoos is the best Unani treatment for spermatorrhoea to overcome the medical illness of the unnecessary ejection of reproductive fluid. It overcomes the deficiency caused by this disease and is found helpful to give strength to the body and male reproductive system. Safoof aslussoos increases the density of reproductive fluid. It controls all kinds of spermatorrhoea, prevents PE, beautifies intimacy, and makes the performance much more pleasurable. It not only overcomes that weakness caused by nocturnal emissions but also gives strength to your body, which results in permanent reform in the disease of spermatorrhoea.

Dosage: 5-10 grams in the morning with water.

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Cipzer Safoof Aslussoos